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SINGLE REVIEW: Dance With You by Violeta Bozanic

The latest track from Violeta Bozanic is called Dance With You and it follows her last two single smashes All I Need and Jealous. The new release is a clever choice of single as it retains a lot of the same elements of those tracks but also points to a subtle change in Violeta’s artistic development. There are still characteristics of pop, hip hop and dance but they have blended here with a more razor-sharp contemporary edge. Violeta’s lyric style has also undergone a few changes but they are less obvious. The concepts are still about self-empowerment but the title Dance With You is turned on its head in the context of the song. A summery feel sets the tone with the dance component quickly set up. Every part of the song is quite strong, with the build from verse to pre-chorus to chorus and end tag smooth and natural sounding. The production is clean and bursting with luxurious textures and interesting tonal shifts yet retains an expressive power. All this is driven by Violeta’s incredibly versatile voice, as it shifts from low (in the verses and pre-chorus) to some magical highs in the chorus and chorus tag. The production’s sparse quality also allows Violet’s voice to be front and centre, giving her room to extend her range and create subtle shifts in mood. But make no mistake this record has attitude. Dance With You? No, Violeta is pushing back against suppressive forces, and pushy and crude communication. She’s making up her own mind. There is a melancholic flavour here also but it’s offset by the positivity of the lyric. This effect of providing a dark soundtrack to what is essentially a situation of self-empowerment imbues the song with depth and a dynamism that is as fascinating as it is enticing. This latest track is further testament to Violeta’s talent and burgeoning music career.

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To listen to “Dance With You” click on the link below:

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